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CONCERNED: Caroline Setshego

11 000 F/town children treated for STIs ” F/town is worse than Sodom” government official school kids use gloves as condoms

While the nation is reeling from skyrocketing HIV/ Aids statistics, four Primary schools in Francistown have registered a concern that children are stealing safety gloves to use as condoms.

Speaking at a sexual health reproductive meeting and prayer for the youth recently, an expert in the district health management office, Caroline Punah Setshego revealed that about 17 989 cases of sexually transmitted infections were treated last year in the greater Francistown clinics.

About 11 000 of those cases involved children, some as young as nine years old, Setshego said to the utter shock of her audience.

Expressing worry and concern that Francistown has become a “hotspot’ for STIs Setshego said, “Prostitution has increased at an alarming rate in the second city. We have surpassed the state of Sodom and Gomorrah. Girls as young as 10 years of age tell us they have five sex partners.”

Complaining about the use of gloves as condoms teachers talked of how it had become a common occurrence for pupils in standard five, six and seven to be caught having sex in the toilets using hand gloves as condoms.

“This is what is happening in our schools, pupils steal hand gloves and cut off the part where fingers are supposed to be inserted to use those pieces to insert their penises before sex,” said Setshego.

She went on to narrate a story of a 13- year-old girl who told her that she had deliberately fallen pregnant because she wanted to spite her mother whom she claimed was changing men frequently.

“ Children are introduced and exposed to sex with different men at a very young age. The culture of multi concurrent partners is alive and well despite the dangers associated with it and Francistown has overtaken Gaborone in this kind of behaviour. We are leading. This is a great concern,” the sexual health expert warned in conclusion.