Last week I wrote about an email that I received from an 18 year old young lady who was in need of serious advice concerning her pregnancy.

She asked me whether or not to abort her unborn child because she felt like she was not ready to be a mother and again the current economic status that she and her family are in does not allow her to bring another being into their family. Not forgetting that she and her boyfriend are scholars and being parents would obviously disturb their studies and hence their future.

Now this girl and her boyfriend had already decided that they were going to abort the unborn child but they wanted my advice. Tough position that I was put in I tell you, didn’t know how to reply to these two so I asked for people’s advice in the youth affair show on yarona FM and of course right here.

While reading people’s comments I then asked myself whether or not abortion should be legalized in Botswana like our neighbors South Africa. Maybe then we would have fewer cases of mothers dying with the unborn child due to backyard abortion. I mean if abortion is legalized then people would do safe abortions at safe places like the women’s clinic.

I understand that in general the society views abortion as murder but really guys, we sometimes need to be objective and consider people’s situations. I know that in this particular girls’ situation most people are probably saying, “ene o ne a dirang eng?” (What was she doing?), but really guys, this doesn’t help, we need to move forward and playing the blame game doesn’t help either.

I’m not at all condoning the behavior of young people having unprotected sex, falling pregnant and then aborting.  We as young people need to take full responsibility of our actions and face our problems head on. Our biggest problem is that we like hurrying into things that we are not ready for and hence find ourselves in situation that we can’t handle.

Anyhow, these are some of the comments that I received on whether or not the girl should do an abortion and if at all abortion should be legalized:
Tanke Oagile 21 years.

Do you think abortion should be legalized in Botswana?
No. I don’t think it should be legalized because it’s an act of destroying God’s creation and I don’t think the Lord would appreciate that. People should remember that a child is a gift from God.

What if you can’t provide for the child?
Find ways to make a living, Batswana depend on other people to earn income. People should learn to work for themselves, be your own boss. There’s agriculture, one could plough a few vegetables on their backyard and sell them to their neighbors, there’s also selling airtime and sweets on the streets.  You start at a small scale and hopefully one day you’ll operate at a larger scale

Comments on the Youth Affair blog:
Comment 1
Doing an abortion depends on the situation of the parent to be. I am talking from experience as I had my son at very young age and even though the father was working he still didn’t provide. I remember as if it happened yesterday that my son went the whole day without milk. I will never forget how helpless and heartbreaking it was not being able to provide for my son.  Had I known about abortion I would have done it. She must do what is right and forget about what the society will say because the same society will criticize her even more when the child is dirty , cold and hungry.

Comment 2
I believe in the saying that you can’t take a life if you can’t give one. Really what can go so wrong in their lives if they keep the baby? Even if she is at school, the worst that can happen is to take a break from school for a year and half. Surely she can do that, she is still young. So really the bottom line is they must critically look at their situation and decide if it is worth it.


  1. First of all an 18 year old female is not a lady. She is a teenager. If she finds out she is pregnant and is not ready to be a mother it only natural. She should have thought about that before she laid down with a sperminator in the middle of her cycle. She knew she would be pregnant. The chances are that she wanted to trap the man she was sleeping with and the man wised out and left her. Anyone who is careless enough to fall pregnant with no means of support should be visited by social workers and counsellors, be made to go though the pregnancy, deliver the child and hand it over to for adoption. After that, she should have her tubes tied. She can then freely go out there and have as much free sex as she wants without falling pregnant. Men should be taught to marry first before they have sex. We have tried to sing this song to the women, but they dont hear us. Maybe it is time we challenged our boys.I think the society will be better off. We hear about statistics of 12 year old girls being pregnant but never of 12 year old boys making these girls pregnant. This is because girls are taught that someone will take care of them and boys are taught that they will have to take care. Maybe if we teach the boys not to sleep with a girl unless they are married, things will change for the better. Our girls and women tend to be excitable and loose. That’s is a fact.

  2. No. Ladies should try to use contraceptives like pills and injectictions as they are offered freely. the moment u hav unprotected sex u hav to think of the consequences-not only the child what about HIV/AIDS.Lets change our habit and fight against disease eseng gore re tshabe bana bolwetse re sa bo tshabe.ABORTION is going to affect our bodies,we are not going tobe fit coz pple are goin to hav unprotected sex sex ba itse gore thy can delete the baby!

  3. Tshepo Sepora and your friends, do you ever think of God and His commandments? that He’s your Creator?that He said he who loves Him will obey His commands? Do you love God and your neighbor as you love yourself? you condone a sin! abortion is killing and killing is a sin.parents teach your kinds the word of God from an early age. teach them good behavior,chastity and modesty.sex was meant for procreation and the act is for married people only.those who want to have kids, wait for the right age and have kids when you are married.unless you want to reap the bitter fruits of your evil deeds.abortion is the most diabolic and unloving satanic actions God cannot stand.As a result, many so-called “christians” have the blood of innocent babies on their hands, and stand accused as murderers before the very God they claim to worship.killing innocent embryos and fetuses by considering sane adults situations is satanic.think again guys, God did not put you on this earth to be a killer!

  4. What is happening today is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, due to disobedience.Once again i’m saying God gave us the commandments which are easy to keep, but people have been consumed by satan selfish, self-love.The greatest command: LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL AND YOU NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. even that embroy is your neighbor. read the NEW BIBLE and get to know more about God’s unfathomable love, wisdom, and that we are His co-creators. ga se ka thata ya rona gore re bo re kgona go tshola bana. God is against contraceptives, they are against His holy Order. one verse from the new bible says:”Whoever teaches and fosters the wild desire of unbridled lust by favouring birth-control with whatever means while making money out of this fiendish whirlpool, is grossly sinning before MY HOLY FACE and against MY ETERNAL ORDER, and will and cannot but reap the bitter fruit of his deeds!” Tshepo Sepora and all brothers and sisters out there, new bible is for all with a human face…whatever race, colour, rank,country of origin.God loves us all and He’s OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

  5. wena ogee do u wnt 2 tel me dat u’v neva sinned in your life, a u saying dat ga o ke o leofa. God gave us wisdom and the mind 2 think n do wats best for us. my sis o pregnant do wat u think is best 4 u, dnt listern to wat pple are sayin bt b warned that evvrythn u do there ar consequences especially bo abortion it might haunt you in future jus be prepare if u go for it.

  6. No abortion pelase. Why should we involve the law in an issue which when it was planned, the law was never consulted? Is sex legal? Isn’t it an affair that involves mature individuals who know what they are getting into? Why then go to the law when you realize you have messed up?
    When the baby is in the womb, it does not belong to the bearer of the womb. The womb belongs to the baby. In fact the baby and the woman don’t even share the blood, only the components of the blood like nutrients and antibodies. In a manner of speaking the baby is just an internalized neighbour. The hostess( woman) has the obligation to stay alive until the baby is ready to come out to the outside world. The thought of terminating the existence of that baby is tantamount to murder. Any woman who considers abortion should be charged with attempted murder. As you can see,this is a complex issue. To avoid getting into it, use prevention in all its forms including abstinence.I am at a loss about one thing though. When the two adults are there mixing fluids, at that point should it not be clear that they will make a baby? Why then do they want to punish the innocent baby for their own indiscretion? Very selfish indeed!!

  7. @tongue, my brother…
    Ke Efa yo o tlhabologileng.i have been reborn, being reborn means repenting, then baptism by the Fire Holy Spirit.ga se mongwe le mongwe a dirang tiro e, e kgona go dirwa ke motho yo o e romotsweng by God like a God’s messenger, o teng mo Botswana.basically what i’m saying is motho o kgona go nna a sa leohe.Jesu a kere o ne a bua mahoko a gore “yo o nthatang o tla tshegetsa ditaolo tsame”. as God Himself He knew that He has endowed a human being with a Holy Spark which enables us gore re gane go dira boleo.check out this verse from the new bible”How difficult it is for the worldly wise to understand rebirth in MY HOLY SPIRIT, clearly transpires from My conversation with the learned Nicodemus of Jerusalem during My earthly lifetime. Whereas worldly wisdom is of no use for him who wants to enter into the true spirit; LOVE will open for the soul by the degree of its indwelling fire, the gate to MY HOLY SPIRIT.”(conversation with Nicodemus:John3vs1-12)in my daily life i strive to fulfil God’s holy will. He created me, he gave a body, soul and spirit.in the new bible He says we should strive for perfection. do you know that inhabitants of Saturn, Jupiter, Sun do not sin?all human beings that now live in Saturn originate from one human couple; this applies to all planets just as it applies to earth.our first couples disobeyed God and fell from perfection to sin.God is Love and love cannot turn away from its creatures and watch them being consumed by utter darkness.God does not want us to perish due sin. it is possible go nna o sa jole,bonyatsi, boaka, o sa tagwe, o sa bue maaka, o sa bolaye,o sa ithekise mmele, o sa goge motokwane le motsoko, le makgapha a mangwe jalo a ga satane

  8. An unborn born at any stage is still God’s creation and it should not be up to the woman to decide what happens to him/her while on transit to being born. By 6 weeks the foetus has a heart beat, a head and miniature blood vessels and actively consuming energy to stay alive. I say a human being is in the making so, it should be allowed to live.Because this baby is a minor,a lawyer should be appointed for it to defend it and keep it alive until it is born.At this stage it can be decided whether to separate this baby permanently from the mother and give it away for adoption to a less hostile family. The perception that the woman owns the foetus/baby while it resides in her body is wrong. It does not give her the right to do what she pleases with it. That includes abortion. Many years ago there was slavery and it was even legal. But did it make it right? No. So we cannot and should not legalize abortion, because it is simply wrong.

  9. abortion shud nt be legalized becoz pple shud learn to take responsoblity of their actions why a robalana if she knws gre she cnt afford to raise a child? becoz whn u hv sex is either u get pregnant, hiv or not so togelang bo belete le lona okare ga le bana. abortion shud be done only if the lady was raped nd ddnt wnt the baby sp tlogelang go rata boloto lo le bana