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BDP chief whip warns ministers as axe looms

Botswana Democratic Party’s Chief Whip, Liakat Kablay has called for his party’s Members of Parliament to respect the party constitution of face disciplinary action.

Kablay’s issued the stern warning on the backdrop of a motion which was brought by the MP for Nata/ Gweta Polson Majaga calling for the amendment of the constitution to allow for the direct election of the President.

Amidst allegations that President Masisi was likely to crack the whip and fire about three cabinet ministers for indiscipline, the Chief Whip said that Majaga’s motion raised questions about some ruling party MPs and Ministers’ loyalty to the BDP after they connived and colluded with the opposition to have the motion passed.

Kablay noted that it was extremely worrisome to have BDP Mps working secretly with the opposition.

“What happened in parliament last week gave opposition a lot of mileage, they are going to come at us and it is time the party leadership cracks the whip.”

He said that some cabinet ministers needed to be called to order swiftly because they were defiant and out of line.

“Even the mover of the motion, Majaga himself acted out of disrespect for the party leadership by denying the VP an audience with him before tabling the motion.”

He said that despite the numerous calls that Tsogwane made to Majaga pleading with him to meet and discuss the motion before parliament session, the defiant MP ignored the calls.

The VP even attempted to have the motion adjourned pending further consultation but at that point six Mps voted with Tsogwane for the motion to be adjourned, while 16 MPs objected and 1 MP abstained.

Commenting on what transpired in parliament Kablay said” Majaga was deliberately and openly embarrassing the VP and then BDP MPs voted with him.

It goes to show that even the videos that some of them have been doing to endorse President Masisi are fake. How can they go against the party to vote with opposition to pass such a motion if they are really loyal?”

Kablay asked before adding that it is the first in the history of the party to have such an embarrassing moment where an MP openely defied the party Chairman and Vice President.

“If our MPs don’t want Tsogwane, they must just come out and say it instead of embarrassing him in front of the people like that,” Kablay said.

Majaga however dismissed Kablay as someone who has “lost his political ideology.”

“I can defend myself, ha a bata maemo a bate hela a lese ditori tori” He is a lost man,” Majaga shot back.

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