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Shah promises massive changes at BPL

Shah promises massive changes at BPL
A NEW DAWN: Mantswe welcoming Shah

The newly appointed Botswana Premier League (BPL) Board Chairman, Jagdish Shah has promised to make some major changes in his three months in office.

Shah was officially appointed this week following the resignation of the league’s former chair, Rapula Okaile, who was also the chairman for Gaborone United.

A lot of people in the football fraternity have questioned the appointment of Shah, who is the President of Township Rollers.

According to the BPL’s constitution, for a person to become chairman of the board he or she should already be a chairman of a league club.

Shah will be the board chair for three months before June’s elections.

Speaking at a press conference to officially launch Shah’s term on Wednesday, BPL Vice Chairman explained that board members appointed him because of his business acumen and his success story at Rollers, adding they believe he will help professionalise the BPL.

“Shah has not been just an ordinary person, he has been representing Rollers in the capacity of chairperson as a proxy and I think it is standard governance procedure that where the substantive is not available a proxy can stand for him. It is not something unusual,” insisted Mantswe, who admitted that the BPL had been lacking recently.

Accepting the appointment, Shah thanked board members for their faith and confidence in him ‘to deliver’.

He stressed that the media criticism and suggestive comments over his appointment would serve as motivation to make him a better and stronger chairperson.

Literally licking his lips in anticipation at the challenge, Shah promised to try his best, adding that his resolution was ‘to make a difference’.

“I promise to make changes in these three months so that members can consider re-electing me in June. I want BPL to be a strong, new entity that will deliver the best season in 2018/2019.

“I want the season to start on a much better platform in terms of secretarial affairs and financial capabilities because I am to uplift the league. I will need a lot of support from the Chief Executive Officer and others because I have limited knowledge of governance administration so we will complement each other,” concluded the Popa President optimistically.