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Sex starved man kills wife

Sex starved man kills wife

Used his underwear to muffle her screams

A horrific incident befell Magokotswane Ward residents in Molepolole Village last week Thursday as they woke up to a grisly sight of a woman strangled to death with a red scarf and her husband’s underwear lodged down her throat.

Discovered by her 17-year-old son in the wee hours of Thursday morning, 43-year-old Khutsafalo Kegopotswe lay motionless in the one-roomed tin house she shared with her husband, covered with a blanket on the floor near her bed.

Her husband, Gomotsegang Kgeresi (59) has since handed himself to the police and confessed to the murder.

Neighbours have told of how Kegopotswe was found wearing a t-shirt and her underwear at the ankles with her legs wide open.

Married under customary law earlier this year, the honeymoon phase for the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) member couple apparently ended when the new wife refused her husband his conjugal rights.

Assistant Superintendent Gontse Segale of Molepolole Police confirmed the incident also stating that the man murdered his wife because she had refused to sleep with him for two months.

“After the incident was reported, the police officers went to the scene and Kgeresi was nowhere to be found and later on he reported himself to the police station,” he said, adding that Kegopotswe’s body was taken to Scottish Livingstone Hospital, where she was certified dead by the doctor.

Kgeresi’s cousin, Opeke Basonoko (59), said the children were sleeping in a mud hut and the eldest of the five woke up in the morning to prepare for school.

He allegedly went to his parent’s room to return his mother’s phone, which he often used as an alarm clock and instead found his motionless mother on the floor.

“The child went to his grandfather’s place next to their yard and woke them up telling them that he suspected his mother was ill. The grandfather followed him and when he arrived, he realised that his daughter-in-law was late and he called neighbours and other relatives,” continued a visibly shaken Basonoko who added that the couple got married early this year.

The deceased, according to Basonoko, will be buried in Molepolole tomorrow (Saturday)