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Sex-starved creature banished

Sex-starved creature banished
CAPTURED: The horny thokolosi

Church ends evil creature’s two-year reign of terror

An evil creature’s two-year reign of sexual terror over a Ramotswa family came to an end on Sunday morning following a dramatic exorcism ceremony.

The Kgetheng family have been subjected to two years of hell, with the horny thokolosi allegedly forcing himself upon family-members as young as three.

Their nightmare is finally over – the predatory spirit banished by a small congregation from Hefesia Christian Church (HCC).

Determined not to let the thokolosi escape, dressed in their finest regalia, the determined gathering conducted a gruelling, intense exorcism ritual, which began the previous evening with the heating of metal rods.

More than 12 hours later, after much singing, dancing and praying, as well as the removal of ‘muti’ buried in the yard, the family’s tormentor was finally revealed.

Discovered ‘hiding’ under a bed, the strange, foul-smelling creature was covered in animal fur, with the face and left leg of a doll. To complete its sinister look, a glittering cross adorned its side.

During its haunting of the house, the sex-hungry thokolosi is said to have chased away all the family’s males, ensuring that only female members remain.

The spirit is believed to have targeted the family’s three daughters, who were regularly spotted thrusting their hips alone during church services.

Talking to The Voice after the exorcism, relief etched all over her wrinkled face, 49-year-old Margaret Kgetheng revealed that the creature had caused much conflict within the family.

Sex-starved creature banished
IN ACTION: The exorcism

“We fought, other relatives even moved away from home. We recently deserted the yard because we experienced sleepless nights as the thokolosi moved on top of the corrugated iron roof in the evening,” she explained, smiling happily at the realisation that the spirit was gone.

When questioned about the magical creature, HCC’s Archibishop, Kebonye Motsamai explained that thokolosis are created by witches.

“It can be in the form of anything – during evening it turns into a living creature,” he said, adding that they can spark mysterious fires and bring bad luck to people.

The Voice arrived on the scene at first light, Sunday morning, to find scorching, red-hot metal rods pinned into the ground by the yard’s entrance.

The exorcists, including both males and females, were dressed in long red, blue and white church robes with large crosses embroided on the back.

They clapped hands while singing ‘Ke motlholo tlholo’, which loosely translates as ‘there is a bad omen’.

Once the metal rods cooled, after about an hour, they were quickly removed and the church gathering entered the yard singing.

A number of the congregants began running around the yard, digging small holes where they found and removed ‘muti’ in the form of dried, black and green herbs and animal horns.

Sex-starved creature banished
THE THING: Hyena paw

The process seemed to work as soon after the thokolosi was discovered, wrapped in a white sack and hidden under a bed.

The mattress, which was removed and torn apart, was subsequently found to contain more dried ‘muti’.

For the Kgetheng family, the thokolosi’s removal means that, for the first time in two years, they can look forward to a peaceful night’s sleep.