Sex for a job scandal
BPL CEO: Ntshinogang


Botswana Premier League (BPL) Chief Executive Officer Thabo Styles Ntshinogang has vehemently denied sexual harassment allegations leveled against him by a former consultant.

Ntshinogang’s accuser has claimed that the BPL boss terminated her contract because she rejected his sexual advances.

Speaking to The Voice Newspaper in an interview, the alleged victim said that the CEO made moves on her several times, promising her a job as a Finance Officer at BPL if she agreed to have sex with him.

“He would call me during the night when we were out on work trips and ask to come over to my hotel room. Last year December during BPL Christmas party he touched my boobs and thighs in the presence of other staff members, which made me uncomfortable. This was not the first time though. He had done it several times before in my office when there were just the two of us. He would say, “ Ha o ka intumedisa ke a go hira (if you make me happy I would hire you),” said the distraught woman who was seconded to BPL by Sigma consulting firm.

Following that last sexual harassment encounter, the woman said she was shocked to get a phone call from Sigma management terminating her contract with BPL because Ntshinogang was not happy with her behaviour.

“I was told he had accused me of disrespect and bad attitude towards the CEO and other staff members, but I knew he wanted to get rid of me because I had refused to satisfy his raging sexual desire.
‘I sent him messages asking why he lied to my bosses and he implored me to be calm. He said if I cooperated with him and controlled my temper he would recall me. I told him I did not want to go back. I reported the matter to BFA Chief Executive Officer Mfolo Mfolo,’ she explained.

In his response to the scathing allegations Ntshinogang said, “These are fabricated stories without evidence.”

He said he was not happy with the consultant’s performance and he recommend that she should be changed.

“She brought negative energy to the office and I couldn’t condone that so I simply recommended that she should be changed.” said Ntshinogang.

When reached for a comment BFA CEO Mfolo confirmed that he had received the woman’s complaint and he was investigating the matter.

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