Home Court Stories Serial rapist begs for mercy

Serial rapist begs for mercy

Serial rapist begs for mercy
Serial rapist begs for mercy

An alleged serial rapist Thatayaone Wabuya Nka, who is facing three counts of rape, has pleaded with the court to be lenient in his sentencing.

Nka who appeared before Hon. Justice Dumisani Basupi sometimes in for raping 3 young girls the all of the being school going students was given an opportunity to mitigate.

“I plead with the court to forgive me because I committed this offence at 26 and it was my first offence,” said Nka.

The accused mentioned that he has two kids the last born being only 8 months; he told the magistrate that he is the breadwinner of the family since his wife is unemployed.

He also pleaded that the court should put into consideration his heart problem as he has to undergo an operation in South Africa.

Nka continued to request the court that they should consider the fact that whilst he was outside he did a lot of good for the society.

He says he has been working hand in hand with the police donating and building a house in 2009.

“I borrowed money from the bank for my projects and I still owe the banks. I still owe rent and my herd boys at the cattle post,” Nka lamented.

The apologetic looking Nka told the court that he apologizes to the court and the victims for all the offences committed.

“I did not reap anything from all the crimes committed instead all I have encountered is pain of the situation I am in and leaving my children all alone to suffer,”
The sentencing was scheduled for the 1st of December as the accused remains in custody.