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Serial Burglars Nabbed

Two convicted poachers are handcuffed after interrogation at the jail in Oyem, Gabon. Elephant poaching brings much needed income that, for some, outweighs the risk of a three year jail sentence.

Phitshane Molopo police have arrested three men who used a police officer’s car in a spate of burglary and theft incidents last week.

Constable Moshawa of Metlobo Police post who was also arrested with the three suspects has since been exonerated from the charges after it was discovered that he had been on a trip at Pioneer Border gate when the offences were committed. “He was held briefly to help with investigations as his car had been used in the burglary incidents. The other suspects are still in custody and we’re pursuing investigations,” Superintendent Thari Senwelo told The Voice this morning.

It is alleged that last Tuesday night the three suspects, Kagiso Sosome, 27, Mosimanegape Seiphetlho, and Tshepho Seiphetlho, 34, were spotted coming out of a shop at Sedibeng village late at night.

The owner of the shop whose house is adjacent to the business premises raised alarm upon seeing the men and they fled the scene in a green Mazda car.

He then chased after the culprits in his own car and when he closed in on them they abandoned their car and ran off.

About P3 799.00 worth of stolen groceries were recovered from the getaway car.

The police later found out that the green car belonged to Constable Moshawa, who at the time was on a trip at Pioneer Border gate. “We found out that he had taken the car for repair and that it had been used unlawfully,” said Superintendent Senwelo.

The culprits who were later arrested from different combis at a police road block, were also linked to a series of burglary and theft incidents in Phitshane Molopo, Mabedi Liquor Restaurant and Mmathethe Cooperatives.


  1. Ba senya boHomeboy.. this must be a wake up call to our government that the GoodHope-Mabule needs reignforcemnt as far as security is concerned. we cannot have only two police stations being P/Molopo and Goodhope.. a police station ha ere e nne more than 60km away. re thuseng becho rea shotlhega golo kaha morolong kaha