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Seretse and Ruth Khama come alive on screen



Filming of Seretse and Ruth Khama’s love story, ‘A United Kingdom’ is set to start shooting in Serowe tomorrow (Saturday).

Based on English Author Susan Williams’ book, Colour Bar, the movie will be produced by Rick McCallum of Star Wars.

Pathe UK, the company behind movies Slum Dog Millionnaire, Mandela and Selma will finance the film. The screen play was adapted by Guy Hilbert.

Director Amma Asante is a former child actress who wrote and directed A Way of Life which won her several awards.

David Oyetokunbo Oyelowo, born in Oxford, England to Nigerian parents will play Seretse Khama while Rosamund Pike will play Ruth Khama.

Olewoyo has appeared in films such as Middle of Nowhere, Spielberg’s acclaimed drama Lincoln and Jack Reacher in which he starred opposite Tom Cruise.

Other films to be released featuring Olewoyo include The Butler starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey as well as The Paperboy starring Nicole Kidman.

After a number of UK TV series, Pike landed a role as Miranda Frost in James Bond movie Die another day. She has also appeared with Cruise and Olewoyo in Reacher.

Other films under her belt include Johnny English Reborn, Wrath of the Titans, and Gone Girl.

According to the production’s local fixer, Arthur January the movie will also be shot at Malaka, Palapye, Moralane and in London a week later.

The filming will go on until 1, November 2015. “From June 2016 there will be a road show around all major towns and villages until Independence eve when it will premier,” said January.

Though he was not at liberty to disclose the locals who will feature in the movie, January said there would be 40 actors and 4000 extras from Botswana while Dee Zone Productions will do behind the scene shots.

January further revealed that they would leave a legacy in each location.

“In Moralane we will donate a children’s play ground and in Malaka we will fence the proposed kgotla. In Palapye the railway station platform used in the movie will be donated to Botswana Railways. The old Khama house will be donated to the museum.

Asked why they decided to do the movie about Seretse and Ruth Khama, January said; “There are four iconic names in the world, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr and Seretse Khama. Khama is the only one the world doesn’t know much about. He played an important role in how we have developed as a nation and it is fitting to showcase him now before the country’s 50th anniversary.”