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Sebego back for his crown

Sebego back for his crown

Slaps Olopeng with a P300 000 defamation suit

The Botswana Football Association’s (BFA) bruised reputation looks set to take another battering.

The latest scandal to hit the troubled association involves their former President, Tebogo Sebego, who has dragged National Executive Committee (NEC) member Eatlametse Olopeng to court for defamation.

Sebego is seeking P300, 000 in damages for a ‘malicious’ e-mail Olopeng allegedly sent to fellow NEC members in the build-up to last year’s BFA Presidential elections.

Sebego narrowly lost the election to MacLean Letshwiti (by 32 votes to 28) but believes he would have won if it were not for Olopeng’s undermining e-mail.

According to court documents, part of the contested e-mail, sent on or around 16 June 2016 – two months before the August 14 elections – read:

“I can see that you are taking the BFA as your private company. The clandestine meetings are done by you, that is why you want to go to Namibia to continue with the clandestine meeting where you are bribing delegates by sending them there at the expense of the association.”

Sebego is adamant that the e-mail cost him precious votes at the election, ultimately costing him the Presidency.

Sebego back for his crown

Through his lawyers, Sebego, who himself is an accomplished practicing attorney, told court that the statement questions his integrity and portrays him as, “A disgraceful thief who steals from the organisation he heads and bribes delegates and officials.”

The former BFA top dog, who is married to current Botswana Netball Association (BNA) President Tebogo Lebotse-Sebego, went on to argue, “The said statement was made with the intention to defame the plaintiff and to injure his reputation.

“The said statement was intended to impute and was understood by the addresses to impute that the plaintiff (Sebego) is a criminal, an unscrupulous and dishonest leader/person and /or football administrator.”

The case has been set for trial next year February 20.