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Sebego cracks the whip

FIRM: Botswana Football Association President Tebogo Sebego
FIRM: Botswana Football Association President Tebogo Sebego

Football chaos – BPL board suspended

 It seems there is no limit to the crisis currently engulfing Botswana football.

The drama intensified on Wednesday evening following a Botswana Football Association (BFA) National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting, which resulted in the Botswana Premier League Board’s suspension.

The dramatic ruling was taken in conformity with the BFA’s lengthy constitution. Article 38.12, which deals with the powers of the NEC, states: ‘The National Executive Committee may remove a person or body or suspend a member of the BFA provisionally until the next General Assembly’.

Explaining why the committee reached such a seemingly drastic decision, BFA President, Tebogo Sebego said, “The suspension follows a series of concerns and what, in the view of the NEC, has been a series of acts of misconduct by the BPL Board.

In the meantime all BPL operations will be run by the BFA as from today until the BFA elections on 30 July 2016.”

An obvious example of one of these so-called ‘acts of misconduct’ is failing to carry out the BFA’s advice to reinstate suspended BPL CEO, Bennet Mamelodi and his Personal Assistant, Mogolo Sekgwe.

The board’s apparent lethargy and indifference to this request has cost them dear.

Another strike against the BPL Board was their giving the go-ahead for a match between Jwaneng Galaxy and Mochudi Centre Chiefs on May the 7th, despite league sponsor, beMobile’s objections.

Sebego further revealed that one of the reasons for the suspension was for trying to persuade the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) to interfere with a scheduled league match – although he did not name the disputed fixture.

The fed-up BFA president went on to list numerous other controversies, saying, “Other (misdemeanours) include continued interference with BTCL (Botswana Telecommunications Corporations Limited), arguments with beMobile, continued engagement with the BNSC on issues that should be addressed with the BFA.

“Taking the BFA to the courts of law over a resolution made by the BFA NEC on a court case involving the BPL CEO and continued derogatory statements on the NEC of the BFA and its activities,” he stated angrily, momentarily struggling to maintain his customary poise.

To further complicate matters in an already complex situation, Sebego noted that the suspension does not extend to the BPL’s BFA membership.

Desperate to salvage some positive news, Sebego stressed that the Board’s suspension will not affect the league deciding play-off match between Township Rollers and Centre Chiefs scheduled for Saturday the 23rd in Francistown.