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CONSUMED: Rat poison

Scorned Mother Poisons Children

A scorned woman from Mahalapye exacted a terrible revenge last Sunday when she allegedly poisoned herself and her two children with deadly black rat poison.

Sheki Steven, 36, apparently decided to kill herself and her two young children – aged three and four – after she caught her lover, Bagakamang Moribame, 45, in bed with another woman.

Tragically it appears the three-year-old boy died almost immediately after swallowing the poison.

Steven and the other child narrowly escaped the same fate, discovered minutes from death by family members, foaming from the mouth and tossing around uncontrollably on the ground.

The two were immediately rushed to hospital where they survived after being hospitalised for a couple of days.

According to shocked residents, the incident took place on Sunday afternoon after Steven went to pay her lover a surprise visit. However, it was Steven who got a nasty surprise.

When she arrived at her boyfriend’s house she found him in bed with someone else.

A furious Steven demanded an explanation and Moribame apparently ended their relationship, choosing his new flame instead.


Jilted, her judgement seemingly clouded by self-pity and grief, a spurned Steven returned to her parent’s house and attempted to commit suicide by drinking toxic rat poison.

Sadly, it appears that she also attempted to take her heartache out on her two defenceless children, forcing them to drink the poison as well.

Speaking to the Voice, a family neighbour, 45-year-old Happy Mochine, described the incident as a ‘horrific tragedy’, adding that, if found guilty, Steven should be charged accordingly as she murdered her own child.

“It is the cruelest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Women are supposed to care and protect their children, but Sheki chose her children to answer for the sins of the grownups,” remarked Mochine mournfully.

ANGRY: Poloka

Initially, neighbours said they refused to believe Steven was capable of such evil, as she had always come across as a pleasant, friendly lady who was devoted to her two kids.

It was only when the funeral for the young boy took place that they were forced to re-asses the sad situation.

Maipako Poloka, 58, claims to be a close neighbour to the family but chose not to attend the little boy’s funeral, saying, “It is just an innocent child who died for nothing but a love problem. All residents should have left her to bury her child alone.”

Confirming the distressing incident, Detective Superintendent Letsweletse Baile of Mahalapye police said the woman faces two charges, one of murder and one of attempted murder.

“A three-year-old died during the incident, and the four-year-old child nearly died. If found guilty, the suspect is likely to be sentenced to life imprisonment,” said Baile.