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The school run, I hate it. Some time back I saw couple of posts on  social media from fed up mothers who expressed some anxiety about the school run.

Celebrity mom Sandra Bullock dropping off son, Louis at school

My first born had just started primary school so I couldn’t quite relate. Preschool is different because there was a general unspoken agreement that parents were allowed to be late,or so I thought although my very responsible niece kept reminding me of how wrong it was to drop the boys off late.

“They are still young and they have a hectic 12 years of school ahead of them  to tackle excluding tertiary,” I would argue in defence of the relaxed approach that I took towards preschool education.
But when I saw another anxious mom’s rant, I mean story about the same subject on the same platform this week I just thought please sister don’t even get me started on this one.

The traffic jams full of incompetent, overcautious  female drivers and crude taxi men hired by women who are fed up with the fracas to drop off the school children, manoeuvring traffic lights that are hardly ever working(yes the ones in phase four along the new Lobatse road are not working 50% of the time, the sight of kids dangerously  crossing the roads and the general chaos that ensues when school starts is enough to disturb any woman’s sanity.

And then as if that is  not enough there’s always a man outside my child school every morning shouting for parents to buy some merchandise or the other complicating what would already be a difficult morning for me as my  boy puts up a spirited effort every single morning to convince me to go and buy from the man despite my refusal several times.

Just to clarify issues I delayed having kids and I always made sure that I lived closer to my work place so I was almost set in my ways when I was forced to adjust to getting out of bed at 5am every day to get the two boys ready for school. If I want to fit exercise back into my schedule, which I desperately want and need to do,  that would have to be pushed back to 4 am.Ouch!

My clock is set for 4: 45am every week day but for some strange reason I almost always end up running helter skelter towards the end.In fact, often the meltdown begins just when we are about to go and I have to find the car keys.

A colleague brought me a valued key holder from her many travels but almost every morning I have to agonise over  why anybody hasn’t created car keys you can phone yet as I frantically look for them. Problem is the boys just love to play with the keys and eventually they would remember where they put them but that is after you have been overwhelmed by the search and sometimes almost reduced to tears
By the time you arrive at the office, you have already done four hours of work while your footloose colleagues and men are fresh and rearing to go, unless of course they are the irresponsible types who go drinking every night while you, a mother has  to catch your breath first and fight  a possible anxiety attack.

I take off my hat to all those mothers who hit the so called glass celling and still manage to raise well mannerd balanced kids because being a working mom is pretty tough. To contribute to this  discussion please send in your response to [email protected]