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‘Sadique sabotaged my event’

'Sadique sabotaged my event'
Seleka & Sadique

Lobatse promoter claims MP ‘double-crossed’ him

As Lobatse gears itself to celebrate 120 years in existence, Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s Member of Parliament, Advocate Sadique Kebonang has incurred the wrath of a local promoter from the town.

The promoter, one Joel Seleka, has written to Lobatse Town Council accusing Kebonang of corruption and sabotage by using his muscle to host a competing event on the same day – this Saturday.

Seleka, who has sine cancelled his ‘Miss Lobatse 120’ event, believes Kebonang is using the platform to promote his political interests.

In the leaked letter, seen by Voice Entertainment, Seleka insists he was the first to show interest in hosting an event as part of the town’s 120 years celebrations.

Indeed, Seleka claims he approached Kebonang, via Facebook back in January, asking the MP to help him organise an event for the town’s birthday.

The letter states that his proposed event was approved by the Lobatse Town Council on 13 October this year.

However, to Seleka’s surprise, after a series of planning meetings of possible events for the town’s celebrations, another major event, a free show, popped up.

“I investigated the origin of the event and on October 20 2017, I discovered it was an event by the current Member of Parliament of Lobatse, Advocate Sadique Kebonang,” he says in the letter.

Seleka further argues in the letter that, “The other matter was that the MP’s event is a political campaign strategy.”

Speaking to this publication, Seleka confirmed writing the letter, adding angrily, “The main worry is that people in power should not be seen as if they are fighting us and competing with us small time promoters. This is the only way I can feed my family – it is not fair for them to come at the last minute and sabotage my event!”

Responding to Voice Entertainment enquiries, Kebonang who is in Seoul, South Korea, denied deliberately disrupting Seleka’s event.

“I wasn’t aware of any events when we agreed on dates for mine, which is part of the many events I have been holding in Lobatse in the past 3 months to celebrate the town and its people,” he said.

Kebonang’s event, dubbed ‘Lobatse Rising with Sadique Kebonang’ boasts an impressive line up of notable artists, including, amongst others: Dan Tshanda, Mosako, Dr Vom, Slizer, Dj Goveiya, Dj Chabo and Mapetla.

The MP gave out 1, 000 free tickets and t-shirts over the weekend at the old Lobatse National Stadium during a political meet and greet event.