Russell’s Bots nightmare
Russell Goreraza

Last weekend Robert Mugabe’s stepson, Russell Goreraza and his friends were forced to wait at the Plumtree Border as authorities would not allow him to cross into Botswana with three of his mother’s luxury cars – a Range Rover, a Porsche and a Rolls Royce.

Grace eventually signed the affidavit only for the free-spending youngster to crash the Range Rover along the A1 road!

Apparently a local caused the accident when he tried to overtake Russell and his small entourage, but was forced to swerve back into Russell’s vehicle to avoid an oncoming car.

Fortunately no one in Mugabe’s convoy was hurt but they were had to leave the expensive, pimped up car at Mochudi Police Station.

Not quite the VIP treatment you must be used to huh Russell? On behalf of all the motorists in Botswana, Shaya is sorry bro!

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