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BURNING RUBBER: Felicia in action

Felicia to thrill at Spin City

In what is expected to be the biggest event in the history of car spinning in Botswana, Spin City is back with the first 2017 event dubbed ‘The hurricane’.

For the first time Spin City at Fairgrounds will be headlined by a lady.

Felicia Van Staden will be piloting a BMW V8 and showing her skills against seasoned car spinners from South Africa such as Skopas, Shanstone Buys and Team Saluki.

The Spin City management say they decided to headline this event with Felicia with hope that women in Botswana interested in the sport will be inspired when they see another lady behind the wheel of a spinning car.

“Felicia is excited to be the pioneer of this and what a better way than to do it at the biggest car spinning stages of all in Botswana,” said Spin City Chairman Joseph Khengere.

There’ll be more talent from South Africa in the form of Skopas, Shanstone Buys and Team Saluki.

On the local scene, all the teams that went to Maun and blew Maun away with an explosion are back on home turf.

The Sherriff has developed into a crowd favourite especially that he has perfected his game and after partnering with Botswana’s undoubted number one stunt man, Latie Boy, they are a team to look out for.

This major event takes place on 3rd June 2017 from 10am till 6pm. Entry is P100 normal tickets and P200 for VIP.