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Rising from the ashes


One Man’ Struggles with Crack Cocaine Addiction

“My advice to anyone thinking about using crack is for them to steer very clear away from it! It’s just not worth it.”

I first smoked crack in 2008 at a friend’s house in the wee hours of the morning after a hectic night at the club.

It wasn’t the first time I did any drug as I was already quite accustomed to using drugs like ecstasy, cocaine and weed.

Contrary to what most people say, I didn’t get addicted to crack after my first hit.

It took a while-not too long-but it wasn’t an instant addiction.

Gradually, my social circle became filled with more and more people who used crack, and after a seeming decline in the availability of ecstasy (my drug of choice every time I went partying…which was quite often then) crack became a part of my life.

I have a degree, have held good jobs at reputable companies, parastatals and I can honestly describe myself as an intelligent and good person. But crack or; letlapa, rock, dynamite, ledyna threatened to take this all away from me. I lost all my jobs, I’m in a world of debt and unemployed.

After a while, I became unable to manage my life. Every pay-day would mean a binge on crack until I had absolutely no money left.

Without my own money, I would resort to borrowing money that my lender had no idea would never see again. I have stolen from my parents, sold DVD machines, phones, cameras from home….all so that I could get money to buy my next fix.

My relationships with my family are so tattered, no one trusts me. I have lost friends. I have let down people who love me.

In the 6 years that I have been addicted to crack, I have tried numerous times to quit and never look back. But it’s been so hard.

Hard, but not impossible is what I have decided though. I am trying again.

I let God into my life on March 14th, 2014 and became born again.

I haven’t smoked crack or drank alcohol in about 13 days today. My becoming born again and ceasing using did not coincide, however.

I used even after letting God into my life, but the difference this time is that I got up, dusted myself off.

I am attending counselling at BOSASNet and I plan to go for A.A and N.A meetings as well to help me stay clean and sober.

I pray every day for a sober day and praise God for every sober day.

My advice to anyone thinking about using crack is for them to steer very clear away from it! It’s just not worth it.

And for anyone who is stuck addicted to crack, I would advise them not to give up on themselves, to try again-no matter how many times you have to try again until you reach victory.

Most of all, I want to tell my fellow suffering, struggling addict that God loves even us.

Signed: Rising from the Ashes*

(* Not author’s real name)

Individuals wishing to get more information on issues related to substance abuse can contact BOSASNet and speak to a counsellor in confidence, on 395-9119, 3913490 or 72659891 or find us and send a message on facebook.