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The rise of deep Mayer

The rise of deep Mayer
Deep Mayer

Selebi Phikwe based DJ Deep Mayer’s reputation on the decks has been on a steady ascend since stepping onto the scene in 2011.

The young Motswana man started his Deejaying career in the mining town of Selebi-Phikwe after the inspiration by the South African Label called Soul Candi.

Mayer who rocked Orange Phikwe Marathon after-party last Saturday has collaborated with the likes of Teddy Esposito, Oscar P, Matthew Play, Angel-A, Dj Thes-Man, Mr Allie, Domar, Basim Abbas, Sheir Nefer, Ross Mt. Park, Dabizarone, Jimmy Clanfield, Smanga M, 75Fifty, Gianni Camelia, NjHouseHead, Oniey De Tunes, DeeJay Bino, Smangar M and Vanessa.

Some of his singles include “Day After” with “Blu Lace Music” in South-Africa and ‘Long centuries’ which featured on compilations with records labels from Spain, UK, Detroit, South-Africa, Germany and U.S.A.