Ripped off

Jilted man demands P124 000 from ex-fiancee

A distraught 35-year-old man from Mochudi, Tau Nong, is demanding his money back from his ex-fiancee’s family after two failed marriage attempts.

Nong and his ex-fiancee, Kgalalelo Nko (35) had planned to get married on two separate occasions, first in November 2014 and then in January 2017, where he claims to have spent P124 000.00.

He said he paid P20 000.00 worth of lobola to Nko’s parents, bought the wedding attire and paid for the venue. “On the date of the wedding, 22nd November 2014, we were supposed to appear before the District Commissioner at BBS but my ex-fiancee never showed up,” he said.

Nong who stayed with his then fiancee at their rented house in Thamaga said by then, wedding venues, clothes and entertainment had already been paid for.

“I even assisted in developing her plot in Molepolole,” said Nong.

The distressed Nong further revealed that the ex-fiancee left him for almost a year before they reconciled in 2016.

“When she left me I also relocated to my parent’s home in Mochudi but when she came back and apologised I gave her a second chance, with the hope that she would never disappoint me again,” he said.

Ripped off

He revealed that their love life went on smoothly after reconciliation and that they both agreed to forget about the past and make fresh plans for their marriage which was supposed to take place in January 2017.

He said that the week before the wedding, Nko left for work in the morning but never returned home.

“I almost died of grief that day. I reported her as a missing person before Moshupa police. To my surprise, when police officers phoned her parents, her mother told them that Kgalalelo was with her relatives in Kanye,” said Nong.

He said he was surprised when the ex-fiancee went to the pastor who was supposed to marry them and collected the rings, the wedding gown and his watch worth P6 000.

To add to his woes, Nong said when he went to Thamaga he found his 50 inch plasma television set smashed by his ex-girlfriends lover, and the pieces thrown in a dustbin.

“They took out my clothes and threw them outside the house,” he said.

When reached for comment, the girlfriend’s mother, Sinah Nko, who stays in Kang, confirmed that she was aware of the failed marriage, but refused to comment further as she said it was a long story that could not be discussed over the phone.

Nong’s ex-fiancee Kgalalelo refused to comment on the issue.

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