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RIP little angel

Clifford Mochocho
DECEASED: Clifford Mochocho

Nation mourns brutal murder of boy, 11

Accused stepmother arrested

Multitudes of mourners among them Bosele primary school children gathered at Ledumang graveyard on Tuesday to pay their last respects to the murdered schoolboy, Clifford Mochocho.

Emotions ran high and many openly wept, wailed and collapsed as the hearse carrying the decapitated body of the 11- year -old boy entered the graveyard.

RIP little angel
A SOMBRE MOMENT: Hearse carrying Clifford’s body

His shell-shocked mother, Oaitse Mochocho however stoically looked on as her son’s little coffin descended into the grave.

Her nightmare, which started with a missing child on the 2nd of March, had reached its peak with the exhumation of her son’s remains from a shallow grave in Mmankgodi earlier that day, it seemed.

The boy’s stepmother, Gaofenngwe Selaolo had led the police to the murder scene after a one -month long search which gripped the nation.

Selaolo, Mochocho and the boy’s father, Louis Masimba lived together in Block 3 although the couple had broken up at the end of last year.

The step mother was however arrested and quizzed as a suspect following revelation that she was the last person to be seen with Mochocho in a combi after school on the day he went missing.

Louis Masimba
GRIEVING : Louis Masimba

A devastated family member who asked for he name not to be mentioned described harrowing scenes of how Mochocho’s badly decomposed body was found without its head and hands.

Suspicions were rife that the stepmom had sold the boy to ritual murderers.

“This is a very sensitive situation and a difficult time for us as a family. Right now we do not know where the other missing parts are. What would we do with them if she decides to tell the police where the head and hands are? We cannot bury him twice. This woman deserves to be hanged,” she said

Many grief stricken mourners hurdled together in groups at the funeral and talked in harsh tones about the cold-blooded murder while social media users around the country shared the suspected killer’s picture and expressed their anger and sorrow.

The grieving father Masimba was not in a state to talk to the media.

Selaolo has been remanded in custody and scheduled to appear before the Broadhurst Magistrate Court on the April 21st to answer to a murder charge.