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Research and innovation vital- Madigele

Research and innovation vital- Madigele

Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology Minister Dr. Alfred Madigele believes research and innovation can help unlock potentials in the economy and create required jobs.

Officially opening the first Research and Innovation Symposium at the Botswana International University of science and Technology (BIUST) on Monday, Madigele said government encourages research and innovation as they can help fight economic and social problems.

The three-day event was an effort by BIUST aimed at uniting educational institutions, industry and the community in an environment where they can share their research and innovation experiences and results for the benefit of the Botswana and its people.

Participants at the event shared their latest achievements in research and innovation.

“Research and innovation can help fight poverty as well as the transmission of HIV from mother to child. These are some of the outcomes of research and innovation that we need to focus on” Madigele told his audience of students, lecturers and captains of local industry.

He went on to say that government’s commitment to the importance of research and innovation is reflected in the establishment and support of institutions such as BIUST, the University of Botswana, the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Botswana Innovation Hub.

“I have no doubt that these institutions together with others we have in this country will help us to drive and realize our national dream of prosperity for all,” Madigele said.

On another note Madigele urged participants to make full use of government investment in educational and research institutions: “I urge you to recognize that investment and harness it to the fullest”

Minister Madigele went on to point out that investment in research and innovation has helped other countries develop solutions to their problems and challenges.

“I need not make the obvious point that nations have progressed significantly when they invested in research and innovation. These nations have also made life better and prosperity possible for countless members of their society,” Minister Madigele said.

Madigele went on to call on researchers and innovators to come up with solutions to the challenges facing the country.