Home Entertainment Red-hot ‘Sauce’ stamps its mark

Red-hot ‘Sauce’ stamps its mark

Red-hot ‘Sauce’ stamps its mark

Popular Francistown rapper Baboloki Dambe, known to his fans and followers as B-Blok, has set the music scene alight with his red-hot new track ‘Sauce (Bona Ndo Dotha)’ – simply translated as ‘Look, I am melting’.

Released on the 16th of March, the hit single is making waves on local radio stations and currently occupies second spot on the BW Yarona FM Top 10 playlist.

The song has also been featured on the Yarona FM Hot 20 for the last two weeks – a true testament to its mounting popularity.

In ‘Sauce’, the 29-year-old is a rapper at the very top of his game.

The catchy, upbeat song, which features Romeo Stunner and Maff Bizness, talks about his swag, his lifestyle and the vibe he brings to the music arena.

Talking to Voice Entertainment about what he described as his ‘game changing single’, B-Blok, oozing with confidence, said, “This hit is dope, it is the hottest in Francistown, I can bet with you!”

Seemingly fusing Kalanga and English, the ‘Trapalanga’ number’s success proves there is a growing demand for the genre in the Botswana music landscape.

B-Blok, a pioneer of ‘Trapalanga’, explained that he went with this type of music because he wants to promote Kalanga as a language and ‘bring some vibe to it’.

“With this hit we have changed gears for Kalanga. I am not saying we are the first to sing in a mixture of Kalanga and English but we have brought that groove vibe into it,” exclaimed the talented Ghetto-based rapper.

Looking to the future, B-Blok, who won a 2016 Yarona FM Music Award (YAMA) for his single ‘Top Shambole’, revealed he is currently working on a collaboration compilation with his long time amigo Romeo Stunner.

Dubbed ‘Traplanga 4 the future’ B-Blok has promised nothing but ‘new flame’ in this exciting 12-track project.