Each one of us is an amazing creature.

I’m not saying that because I want to promote positive thinking, I’m saying it because I believe it is true and I think we would all be happier people if we could be more aware of that fact.

Actually, I think more awareness in general could help us sort out a lot of our problems.

A few weeks back I talked about the benefits of being aware that we usually don’t have all the facts.

My point was that people who think they are right all the time tend to be boring, a royal pain in the butt to live with and quite often wrong.

Unfortunately, too little confidence is also a big problem and while it might not be so irritating to others it can make us quite miserable… and a pain in the butt to live with, so today I’d like to point out a few things that might help us deal with that.

They have to do with reality; as in seeing things as they are without the need to label them as good or bad.

We live in a very judgemental and comparative world but to help me make today’s point I’d like you to try to put those things aside.

I’d also like you to try to forget what you think about yourself– whether you think you are clumsy, uncoordinated, average or fantastic – and simply take a look at what your body does.

As you read this column you are performing an incredible act of coordination.

Your eyes are moving effortlessly, taking in images of black ink on white paper and comparing them with memories of similar images to recognise letters, words, sentences and meanings.

Thousands of these operations are taking place every few seconds.

At the same time, your heart is pumping blood around your body and your lungs are pumping air in and out to keep your complicated system or organs, glands and muscles fed and working.

Even the most negative Voice reader would have to admit that is pretty amazing, even more so when we consider all these things are accomplished with no conscious effort.

And if you walked to a chair and turned on a light before opening the paper, your body would have had to coordinate a massive number of additional moves without any help from your conscious mind.

When we open a door, turn on a light or sit down in a chair we don’t have to think about how far to move our arms or legs or what to do with our fingers, it just happens.

These things are obviously good, but not in a comparative way, as in being able to do them doesn’t make us feel better than anyone else.

The thing, though, is if we could just be aware of the amazing things that go on every day that have nothing to do with us being better or stronger or richer or better looking than someone else we would be in a far better position to appreciate our lives.

I realise this is not an easy thing to do, but it definitely is possible for amazing creatures like us.

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