Member of Parliament for Palapye Moiseraele Master Goya has set tongues wagging with his challenge for the unions to carry out their threats not to vote for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party in 2014.

Goya is the BDP man who had a lot of people talking in Palapye when as a political novice he went on to beat better known and experienced opponent Sheila Tlou in the primaries and then went on to win the elections in 2008.

In this interview  Goya tells Voice reporter Daniel Kenosi how ready he is for the next round of Bulela Ditswe and how he is preparing himself for another term in parliament amidst of talks of a ‘favoured” opponent within the party earmarked for Palapye.


Q: A lot of people in Palapye were shocked when you came into politics in 2008. Are you a political novice as they believe?

I have always been into politics since my school days when I was in Moeding college.

I was motivated by the late Seretse Khama and I always followed whatever he did and listened to some of his speeches.

I always observed from a distance but I am a born politician.

I may be from Serowe but I grew up in Palapye and it’s the place I know better.

Q: How did you just come from nowhere and start contesting for Palapye. Didn’t you have fears that people won’t give you attention?

I used to work for a bank and same people in Palapye are the ones who approached me with an interest that I represent them.

I accepted their request which was even blessed by my predecessor, Boyce Sebetela who paved way for me.

Q: You had a very tough contest against Sheilla Tlou which led to so many factions in Palapye and I remember very well that she even requested that the ballot papers be counted again. How do you manage with those factions at the moment?

I am still trying to mend relations with all those who supported Tlou.

It’s something I even tried doing immediately after elections and it failed because even then, they felt Tlou was the appropriate one to go to parliament.

I still try and I don’t even have any problem with them.

Q: Does that mean you and Tlou still don’t see eye to eye?

No!! even though Tlou and her campaign team were querying my win I don’t think it was about any hatred but I think its because they undermined the margin and they thought a recount would favour them but all that didn’t come to pass but I don’t think we are enemies.

Q: Palapye residents and observers think you have failed to bring developments to Palapye. What’s your take on that?

Come on!! That’s not true even some MPs are complaining that most developments go to Palapye and so we are on the right track.

I can give an example that we even have the glass project and many other developments.

People shouldn’t however forget that we are recovering from a recession.

But I must admit that I have not done much with small developments such as roads but I hope as we financially recover, we will get there.

Q: Talking about the developments. The glass project failed under your tenure. Should we blame the BDP Government for such?

It would be very unfair to blame my party for those failures because in most cases the Government rolls out a good development plan and only for those engaged implementation to mess up everything.

The Government tries all it can but some of the citizens derail processes.

Q: I have observed that in some cases BDP Mps are forced to oppose things they believe in before parliament for the collective good of the party. Can you comment on that?

As BDP legislatures we meet and discuss what has been brought before parliament.

We look into matters and scrutinize their importance to the nation but whenever we observe that a particular motion is irrelevant we all agree that it won’t pass as it wouldn’t serve any purpose.

No one stops us from debating openly.

Q: Unions are out and have said they are going de-campaign all MP’s who didn’t support them during the 2011 strike. Do you have any fears of their threats?

I don’t have any fears that unions say they won’t vote for me.

I am very assured that people who voted for me in Palapye understood that the Government was recovering from economic recession and that there was no way they could get a salary hike.

Besides that, I am not easily threatened and challenge the unions to carry out such threats.

Q: You are rarely in Palapye and don’t give your constituents attention.

You have diverted much of your time to parliamentary committees you are heading. How do you expect them to remain loyal to you?

Even that time when they voted me into parliament I made it clear that I was going to do other Government assignments so I don’t expect anyone to fuss about that.

Whenever I have time I go to Palapye and check on my constituents.

Q: You are a close friend to President Khama’s younger brother, Tshekedi Khama.

Does that automatically make you a member of A-Team faction within BDP?MASTER-GOYA

No!! My relationship with Tshekedi doesn’t determine my alignment within the party. I am a neutral member of the party and associate myself with all.

Even though there may be factions you mentioned I am not a member of any.

Q: There are allegations that councillor Ramogapi is the favoured man to take over at the next Bulela Ditswe elections.

Are you ready for the battle?

It’s not that he is the favoured man.

He has the democratic right to campaign for any political post he wants and he has already started campaigning but wait until I am given the green light to campaign and I will definitely show you that I have always been ready to defend my constituency.

Q: Your take on the Umbrella party?

The Umbrella Party doesn’t exist in Palapye

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