United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Assistant Representative, Mareledi Segotso, has expressed concern at the rising incidents of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in the country.

Speaking during a GBV dialogue at Ga-Malete Kgotla on Thursday, Segotso grieved that statistics indicate that two out of three women in Botswana have suffered abuse and that globally one in three women has been abused.

She further said consequences of GBV often become difficult and sometimes lead to death. “In many cases, GBV usually occurs in front of children and it ends up affecting them,” she said.

Segotso further implored the community to desist from violence. “GBV is not tolerable. It’s time to introspect as individuals and as a collective to combat GBV,” said Segotso.

The well-attended event began with a march from Water Utilities Corporation and ended with a community dialogue at the main Kgotla.

The event was commemorated under the theme ‘Rothe re na le seabe sa go fokotsa kgokgontsho’ which loosely translates that all individuals have the responsibility to end GBV.

The event was a pre-international commemoration on GBV, which is commemorated internationally from November 25th to 10th December annually.

The Ramotswa GBV community dialogue was organized by Bamalete Tribal Administration in partnership with Keabonye Ntsabane GBV Trust.

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