Home Business Rail park mall’s DIY expo unearths talent

Rail park mall’s DIY expo unearths talent

Rail park mall's diy expo unearths talent
Rail park mall's diy expo unearths talent

Rail Park Mall’s two-day DIY entrepreneurship exhibition last weekend exposed some creative talent as different individuals showcased their various products created from recycled material.

Voice Reporter Gofaone Koogotsitse had a chat with some of the creative minds as they told of how they make ends meet through their work.

The glass maker

Rail park mall's diy expo unearths talent
DIY WINNER: Teko Villander

With an amazing skills set inherited from his grandmother, Teko Villander started his own business in September 2015, making drinking glasses from disposed wine glasses.

On a daily basis, Villander says, he collects empty bottles from bars, cleans and polishes them up before sterilising them using Jik. “I then use the bottles to produce an array of artifacts,” he says with pride.

The talented Villander says he also makes vases, curtain holders and earrings from bones as well as radios made from car wheels.

“The radios I make have powerful sound which can be used at special occasions. My business is located by the bus rank and I can also be contacted through facebook or at Kalahari Craft Design,” he said.

On a busy day, Villander says, makes up to P400.00.

As a winner of the DIY competition, the 30-year-old owner of Villander Finest Glass, has encouraged people to use their creative talents to make money and fight unemployment.

Comfortable tyre chairs

Rail park mall's diy expo unearths talent
Monageng’s work

The creative agency was formed in 2010 by a Graphic Designer and later on changed to do recycled products using disposed tyres to make stylish chairs.

With his business idea, Kago Monageng who hails from Kanye says he realised there was still an opportunity to make a decent living while conserving the environment.

“Though the business is growing slowly, some customers are attracted by our creativity and they buy our products. We sell the single coloured chairs at an affordable price of P650. 00 while the multi coloured ones with attractive design are sold at P1 850. 00 each,” noted Monageng.

The 30-year-old youth whose business is located in Gaborone’s Main Mall says most of his customers come from Gaborone and surrounding villages.

Other exhibitors included Mpho Pheko of Posty Creations who, together with her business partner Katlego Myatso, they specialise in making handbag accessories and flower pots for interior and exterior decorations.

Rail park mall's diy expo unearths talent

Tlokweng based Naledi Segokgo of Segokgo Decorative Crafts also exhibited her colourful flower pots and fruit baskets for the first time at the DIY expo just to test the market.