Radio presenter turns novelist
AUTHOR: Rorisang Mogojwe

Female radio personality debuts memoir: Naledi Confessions

Local female radio personality and journalist Rorisang Mogojwe this week released her first book titled Naledi Confessions.

Sold at P150 a copy, the memoir is a 134 page creative nonfiction story chronicling the adventures of a young woman in Gaborone.

It features three budding friends Naledi, Michelle and Thato and how they experience a myriad of challenges that many young, millennial women in the African set up would relate to.

The trio are typical 20 year olds who loose themseveles in the city life in the process of finding their true selves and life purposes.

The bubbly friends while trying to get a handle on life and love face challenges amongst other social ills that many of the youth go through.

These include substance abuse, depression, rape, being the other woman and gender based violence.

The book shines the spotlight on these social ills in a humorous manner with the aim of sparking dialogue and debate around them.

In the book, after loosing her badboy boyfriend to an untimely death, 22 year old Naledi finds herself caught in a love triangle between a businessman and a young politician.

Michele discovers her millionaire fiancé’s deadly secrets just as she was about to walk down the aisle, while Thato is disappointed by a brother from church.

“I’ve always had a passion for writing, that is why I did not venture into a career path that my parents had chosen for me. I have also always been into empowering the girl child,” said the 28 year old author Mogojwe, a member of the Women In News (WIN) programme.

“I’m all for social change through art and culture, so I hope this book will inspire young women to better their lives,” she said.

Mogojwe further said she hopes this would turn out to be a reference book for many impressionable young people, who are at the risk of falling victim to the alluring city lights.

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