Quenching poverty with fruit juice
ENTERPRISING: Juice maker Moses Madithapa

An enterprising Motswana businessman has traded the steering wheel for the sweet taste of milk and fruit.

37-year-old Moses Madithapa, a former ambulance driver, was until about a year ago involved in the kombi business, trading as ‘Khumbula E Khaya Transport’.

He is now the sole owner of Mos Mag Fruits Juice, a wholesale beverage company operating from the Tati Siding Village Industrial Site.

The company produces milk based fruit juices, which Madithapa buys in concentrate from South Africa before mixing to his own specifications to create a unique taste.

At the moment Madithapa only stocks three flavours – guava, tropical and peach – but plans to introduce more varieties soon.

After taking up shop five months ago, the Mathathane-born director says he is pleased at the way the market has received his product.

“There are bigger brands out there but the way Batswana have received our product gives confidence that we will do well. At the moment we do most of our business in Francistown, the North East and Central District – and the reaction is awesome.

“With time we will cover the whole country and get a sizable niche in the fruit juice market, says the ambitious businessman, who harbours high hopes of eventually taking his drinks international.

“I have dreams to sell my products in other parts of the world and I will do my best to grow my business in that direction,” he confided to Voice Money.

The single father-of-three says he decided to enter the beverage market when profits started falling in the saturated transport business.

“I was on the Francistown-Borolong route, which has quite a high number of operators. There were many times I could only manage two loads a day. I quickly realised that I could not make a living in such a situation and decided to divert. I sold my mini bus and invested in the fruit juice business instead,” he explained.

Madithapa says deciding where to put his money after when he quit the transport business was an easy one.

“I had some experience in the fruit juice business as I had worked for P&J Products, a fruit juice making company which my uncle ran for some years in Selibi Phikwe. I only became an ambulance driver after my uncle’s business collapsed. I am pleased to say I have taken the right decision,” intimated the excitable entrepreneur.

Quizzed on how he plans to grow his new venture into the giant he wants it to become, Madithapa revealed he was currently in talks with several financial institutions in a bid to secure funding for his business.

“I am in talks with several banks and CEDA with the hope that they will lend me some money,” he explained, before offering this thirsty reporter a sip of his guava juice, which Voice Money can reveal was as tasty as it was refreshing.

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