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Progressive couple

Progressive couple
Uyapo and Priscillah Ndadi

Human Rights lawyer Uyapo Ndadi’s name has never been far away from politics.

In fact, it seems Ndadi and politics were meant to be together, since he has been fighting against political decisions for years.

After the sad passing of Gomolemo Motswaledi, he was linked with the vacant Gaborone Central constituency.

Indeed, his name has always been on the lips of opposition cadres, particularly the BMD.

However, the Tutume-born lawyer has never come out into the open, even though he’s being linked with the Nkange Constituency.

On Monday, Ndadi posted a picture of himself and wife wearing matching purple outfits.

The picture coincided with the Alliance for Progressives’ (AP) Brand launch and set tongues wagging.

Shaya will not come to conclusions about the couple’s dress sense and choice of colour.

However, those who know him say he has always been a colourful and progressive man.

He himself said in one of his posts that his wife has always been a progressive woman.