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Pretty (awful) in orange

Pretty (awful) in orange
Pretty (awful) in orange

At last weekend’s Castle Lite Unlocks music concert in Joburg, Casper Nyovest made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Although Shaya learnt that the ‘Mama I made it’ hitmaker was in his element and gave an electrifying performance at The Dome, sadly his dress sense did not match up to his vocal abilities.

For some bizzare reason, Casper performed in an orange two-piece resembling Oros man.

Needless to say the outfit was far from popular, with fans apparently repeatedly screaming “What the h*** are you wearing” as the rapper belted out his tunes.

What were you thinking Casper?

This is hip hop dude, dress code is part of the game.

You can’t jump on stage wearing looking like an inmate and scream Mama I made it!