Five- year -old children poked in the vagina with an iron rod

A preschool in Palapye is struggling to explain to angry parents how four girls were sexually abused recently while in the school care.

Seething with anger, parents of the abused girls have lambasted Baby Lorne pre-school and pointed an accusing finger at a female teacher whose name was mentioned by the children.

One of the parents demanding answers has spoken of how she noticed that her child’s panties were blood stained when she prepared her for school on Thursday morning.

The parent whose names are withheld to protect the identity of the child said after confronting the child, she revealed that a teacher had poked her with a metal rod.

The child reportedly said she was with three others when the teacher called them to a room and poked them.

Another alleged victim’s parent whose names are also withheld spoke of her child’s trauma.

“My child doesn’t even want to go to school and she keeps asking me if the teacher is going to poke them again,” she said and added that she was shocked when the principal accused her daughter, also five of poking the other three girls.

“If indeed my daughter had done such an abominable act, I should have been notified. Besides, where were the teachers?

However the school principal identified only as Onalenna was adamant that a naughty preschooler had poked the others.

“One angry parent came to school to request that we talk to the kids so they stop poking each other. But later another parent arrived to complain that her child had reported being poked by a teacher. I advised her to call the police so they could investigate which she did, ” the school head said.

The accused teacher has since been fired from the school, it has emerged.

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