Home Court Stories Pot thief sentenced to a year in the slammer

Pot thief sentenced to a year in the slammer

Pot thief sentenced to a year in the slammer
PUNISHED PEST: Manamela was described as a habitual thief

A habitual petty thief was jailed for a year after he pleaded guilty to breaking into and stealing from a local primary school in Gaborone.

Appearing before Old Naledi Customary Court Chief Kenneth Thari, on Wednesday, Thabo Manamela did not waste the court’s time and admitted his guilt immediately.

It was stated before court that on September 4th, Manamela stole two pots, four buckets, a wooden spoon and a shovel from Therisanyo Primary School.

It was revealed that the school reported the missing utensils to the police and the accused person was later caught red-handed with the school property.

Passing judgement, Chief Thari grieved that he had presided over many cases involving the suspect, who was regularly accused of stealing people’s property.

Pot thief sentenced to a year in the slammer
RETRIEVED EVIDENCE: Some of the stolen pots and shovel

“He is nothing but trouble to Old Naledi community – he appears before the court time and again,” grumbled the annoyed chief, adding, ‘Ke matlhola a di dira’ which loosely translates as ‘he is a habitual thief’.

During his mitigation, the suspect pleaded for court leniency, saying that by the day he broke into the school, his intensions were to take a walk.

“I am sick, I do not have parents and it had been said on numerous occasions that prisons are full,” said Manamela.

However, his argument failed to impress a fed-up Thari, who sentenced Manamela to a one-year prison term, before ordering that the stolen property be returned to the school.