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Political pilfering

Political pilfering
CONCERNED: BCP's Dithapelo Keorapetse

BDP Deny links to BCP Office Burglary

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) have denied masterminding a recent burglary at the Botswana Congress Party’s (BCP) Bobonong office.

The break-in appears to have been politically motivated, with BCP Secretary of Information and Publicity, Dithapelo Keorapese, revealing that confidential party information was stolen.

According to Keorapese, documents that went missing include: the party’s constituency register, minutes of past meetings and a marked Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) 2014 Voters roll.

Keorapese was in no mood to mince his words, accusing the BDP of being behind the incident.

In a fiery statement, he said, “We actually think this was a covert operation by secret security agents acting in accordance with instructions from their political principals.

“Whatever our political adversaries do can’t stop the ensuing change that’s coming in 2019 and no chicanery or underhand strategies can stop the blowing winds of change,” he continued angrily.

However BDP Deputy Secretarty General, Shaw Kgathi, was equally scathing of the allegations, scornfully dismissing the speculation as propaganda and describing the BCP as ‘dead’.

Political pilfering

“These are just unfounded allegations aimed at tarnishing our party name. We didn’t even know the BCP has an office there, so what can we possibly steal from them, dead as they are,” he blasted.

Ridiculing the BCP further, Kgathi mockingly said, “The only thing we are doing is recruiting members from them and we do that openly. We don’t have to break into their office to recruit members, and why would we steal minutes of meeting which we are not even sure took place?”

Meanwhile Keorapetse revealed the burglary has been reported to the police, whilst urging the public and party members alike to assist with the recovery of the stolen information.

The politician warily predicted that similar incidents would happen in the future and warned fellow BCP members to be careful with party information.