REMANDED: Bebe and Ndemeni
REMANDED: Bebe and Ndemeni

Co-accused blame Investigating Officer for Bisto’s death

Two robbery suspects have pointed an accusing finger at the police for the death of Boitshepho “Bisto” Kenyaditswe of Gweta who died in police custody on 1st of April. According to the police Bisto was certified dead at Nyangagbwe shortly after being interrogated in connection with robberies of teller machines.

His two co-accused, Tshepho Bebe and Thulani Ndemeni, appeared before Francistown Magistrate Cele Lebakeng this Friday morning. Investigating officer Bongwe Amogelang told court that the two were the masterminds behind a recent robbery at a Somali residence in Francistown.

Amogelang pleaded with court to remand the two Zimbabwean men, who entered the country illegally in custody, while they continue with investigations. The two men however distanced themselves from the alleged robbery and demanded their immediate release. Below is an exchange between the accused and the investigating officer.

Accused 1: At the time of the arrest, what did you repossess from me which could be proceeds of a crime?
Investigating Officer: Nothing

Accused 1: How important is the identification parade?
IO: Your Worship I did not conduct any identification parade.

Accused 1: You are not telling the truth. You conducted an identification parade in which the complainant identified Bisto as the person who robbed him at gunpoint. You then assaulted Bisto and suffocated him until he died.
IO: Your Worship the suspect is talking about someone who’s not here.

Accused 1: Why am I before court when the complainant identified Bisto, who you then killed?
IO: Investigation on Bisto is still ongoing. You are before court because you are linked to the robbery and we are currently looking for other suspects who are still at large.

Magistrate Cele: I think he’s failing to express himself clearly. I believe what he wants to say is how do you link him with the said robbery?
IO: He was part and parcel of the planning of this robbery.

Accused 1: Where did you get that evidence?
IO: From our investigations.

Accused 1: I’m pleading with you to assist with my release because I know nothing about this matter.
Accused 2: Where did this robbery take place?
IO: On March 3rd at a Somali residential place

Accused 2: Why am I in court because I don’t even know where the Somalis live?
IO: Investigations identified Tshepo Bebe, who we arrested.

Accused 2: Besides implication what other evidence connects me to the robbery?
IO: We are still investigating this matter and gathering more evidence.

Accused 2: Who told you about Tshepho Bebe?
IO: Bisto

Accused 2: Where’s Bisto?
IO: Unfortunately Your Worship Bisto is no more, however that cannot stop us from carrying on with our investigations.

Accused 2: Complainant identified Bisto at an identification parade, why am I here?
IO: I never conducted a parade.

Accused 2: The procedure you carried out where the complainant identified Bisto what do you call it?
IO: I don’t have a name for it.

Accused 2: Can you tell this court that you simply arrested me for being in the country illegally, because I know nothing about this matter.
IO: The issue of your illegal stay in the country only arose after your arrest – it is not why we arrested you.

Accused 2: What did you find on me to link me with the robbery?
IO: Nothing so far.

The two suspects bail application was turned down by Magistrate Lebakeng. “The fact that you don’t have legal documents doesn’t make you candidates for bail,” she said.

The matter is back in court for status hearing on 25th April.

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