UP IN FLAMES: Tsodilo classroom

A day after Maun Senior School shut down because of fires which burnt eight classrooms last week; another School Tsodilo Junior became the next fire victim on Thursday afternoon.

The fires burnt a block of classrooms and home economics laboratories which had gas cylinders and other explosives.
However the Fire department from Maun International Airport arrived in time to put out the fire before it could cause much damage.

When The Voice arrived at the scene it was evident that a human hand was behind the fires.

There were shoe marks on top of the desks and a chair which was probably used as a ladder so that the culprit could reach the ceiling to start the fire.

Also evident was grass which has been used to make the fire but fortunately it fell before burning the ceiling and police were also in time to put it off.

Though the police were cagey with information, a source revealed that they are making a breakthrough as some students were brought for questioning and are helping with investigations.

LEADING INVESTIGATIONS: Superintendent Kenanao Kenny Badumetse

Spokesperson Botswana Police Service, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa said that with the little information that they got, they suspect that the fires were caused deliberately.

“It is not electrical fault as we suspected in the first place,” said Mbulawa.

He however declined to give more details saying police have intensified their patrols around all the junior schools in case the culprits struck again.

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