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Police constable suspended for suspected brutality

Police constable suspended for suspected brutality

A police constable based at Etsha 13 in the North West District has been suspended after he allegedly assaulted a 41-year-old woman causing her to be hospitalised.

The officer, Boiki Sesana is currently serving a three-month suspension pending an investigation into the incident which took place on the 13th of February.

The complainant, Phimuna Mandevu claims Sesana repeatedly beat her with a police baton on her thighs and toes.

She also accused the officer of suffocating her with a black plastic bag.

Narrating her version of events to The Voice, Mandevu revealed that on the day in question, she went to a nearby shebeen with her five-month-old baby to meet her older sister.

“The meeting was about my other child who social workers have agreed to assist. I went to meet with my sister for some help with his birth certificate,” she explained, adding that while there her boyfriend came to collect their baby.

However, her boyfriend returned minutes later accompanied by Sesana, who ordered Mandevu to go to the station with him.

Police constable suspended for suspected brutality
HOSPITALISED: Mandevu claims to have been beaten

“At the offices I was surprised to be accused of having gone to drink alcohol at a shebeen with a baby. The officer also accused me of neglecting my children and being disrespectful towards him as he was talking,” revealed Mandevu, who claimed Sesana told her that the beatings served as a warning.

The stricken woman added that, after her ordeal, she collapsed as she was walking home and had to be rushed to a nearby clinic by concerned members of the public.

“I was getting worse day by day and ended up being hospitalised at Gumare Primary Hospital,” continued Mandevu, who has a big bruise on her right thigh where she claims Sesana assaulted her.

Meanwhile, District No5 Officer Commanding, Senior Superintendent Peter Gochela confirmed Sesana’s suspension, saying, “Depending on the outcome of our investigations, that is when we can decide to institute a criminal charge or disciplinary action against the accused person should he be found guilty.”

Reached for comment, Sesana said he could not discuss the matter with the press as the complainant had opened a case against him, which was currently being investigated.