A jilted man from Mapoka village took out his rage on his love rival in Kalakamati last Wednesday by stabbing him to death with a sharp instrument before hanging himself on a nearby tree.

Masunga Police Station Commander, Gaolathe Ngayaya, revealed to The Voice that they received a report on Wednesday evening (2nd January) that an out of control man was harassing and threatening people at a yard in the outskirts of the village.

“We rushed to the scene and when we got there, the owner of the yard was lying on the ground and appeared to be dead while the aggressor was nowhere to be found,” Ngayaya said.

She said the search for his whereabouts continued through the night until they discovered his body hanging from a tree close to where he stabbed his love rival.

“We learnt that the aggressor found his girlfriend with the man and confronted him. The argument apparently got violent and we suspect that he stabbed him with a sharp instrument,” she said.

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