Police brace themselves for accident free Easters
GEARING UP: Mosimanegape

The Botswana Police Service (BPS) traffic Department will be on full guard on major roads this Easter holidays, an operation, which they say is part of their annual accident free Botswana campaign.

Head of traffic department, Katholo Mosimanegape explained that as usual, the police were gearing up to be more visible on the road throughout the Easter period in response to a notable increase of traffic as urban dwellers head back to rural areas and tourists visit various destinations.

Mosimanegape further said that because they have noted an increase in vehicle numbers in the country, this means there are higher chances of serious traffic congestion.

He said that to date there is a staggering 700 000 vehicles using the roads.

“Our roads simply cannot cope with the high volumes of traffic,” Mosimanegape lamented.

The Botswana traffic department head further noted that however as compared to the past years there has been a notable decline in road traffic accidents. However, should you find yourself in a bind on the road, know that you call on an Augusta auto accident attorney to help you out.

“In 2016 we registered 210 general accidents and the number decreased to 173 in 2017. As for fatal accidents in 2016 we registered a total of five, which resulted in five deaths but the number increased last year to seven fatal crashes, resulting in 7 fatalities,” Mosmanegape explained

The traffic department boss further stated that the A1 road continues to lead in terms of the number of road accidents

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