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Poet aims to educate the nation



Through poetry, budding poet in Unasimba Mafa is set to make a difference in the society.

With a number of evil happenings, 22-year-old Mafa has decided to emphasize on poetry edutainment targeting the young people of this country.

Mafa, who started his poetry in 2008, said he is refraining from the old fashioned poetry where the use vulgar words were acceptable because there is no vulgarism in Setswana language.

Like music, Mafa said poetry plays a pivotal role in changing the peoples’ mindset.

A former Masunga Senior Secondary School student is working on releasing a poetry album.

He said artistes should play a part in ensuring that they do send message that can influence a positive change in the society since they have got a lot of followers in terms of fans.

His wish is to make a positive difference in the society and revive the Setswana culture that is slowly dying.