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Police have launched a massive manhunt for a notorious young thug, Mogakolodi Adolphius Legae, 23 who has terrorised Gaborone and surrounding areas in the past few weeks.

A suspect in five rape cases and two armed robberies, Legae, has been on the run since the Kanye incident in which he allegedly shot and abducted a 22-year-old woman while he was on bail for previous offences last week.

He is also implicated in Choppies Supermarket armed robbery in Mogoditshane/Tsolamosese on Tuesday this week.

Among other criminal activities, Legae is also suspected to have been part of a gang that robbed Moshupa Saverite, and stole undisclosed amount as well as Choppies Block 8, where he allegedly made away with P112 000.00.

The accused rapist also set tongues wagging early this year when he made headlines for allegedly raping a Botswana Defense Force Soldier in Kanye.

The young thug’s mother, Matilda Legae (49) this week called on to her son to hand himself over to the police to avoid being gunned down.

Speaking in an interview, Matilda claimed that the extreme abuse her boy suffered at the hands of a schoolteacher is what turned him into the hardened criminal he has become.

She said when he was a student at Lotlaamoreng Junior school there was a male teacher who physically abused Legae after he found the teacher smoking dagga in secret.

“ He beat him up at the garden, behind classes and in science labs until Adolphius ran away from school and fled from home too until I got a call that he was jailed at the Moshupa boys’ prison,” the distraught mother said.

She however says that even though he had been a career criminal since the tender age of 13, with appropriate counseling the young man could still be rehabilitated.

Speaking from her house in Goodhope, the worried mum told of how her son was imprisoned for possession of dagga at a juvenile facility in Molepolole at the age of 14.

Matilda further revealed that Adolphius grew up in a church, but the teacher assault drove him away from his family and made him bitter and angry.

Asking for forgiveness from all people that her son has allegedly raped and robbed, Matilda said.

“May you find it in your heart to forgive him. I plead with police officers to send Adolphius to prison and never grant him bail,” adding that she did not understand why and how he was granted bail when she refused to bail him out because she suspected he would probably offend again if he were to be allowed to await trial outside.

“I live in fear, I do not know whether I will ever see my son alive ever again, I have no idea where he stays, it pains my heart greatly,”

Matilda also claimed that her son recently told her that the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) boss, Isaac Kgosi had tortured him severely on his last arrest

“He told me that they took him to their offices in Gaborone, took out plenty of cases, and forced him to admit guilt to crimes he did not commit.

All I hope for is for him to be found alive so he can be tried and sent to prison, if he has to,” she said.

Kgosi rubbished the allegations. ” I wouldn’t know that boy from a bar of soap,” Kgosi said.

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