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Pilane steps down from BMD presidency

Pilane steps down from BMD presidency

But remains a party member

Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) President, Advocate Sidney Pilane has announced his decision to step down from the party’s presidency.

Pilane’s decision, which was announced through social media on Wednesday, follows a resolution by the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) for the BMD to hold a fresh elective congress following a shambolic elective congress in July, which resulted in a split and subsequent formation of a breakaway party.

UDC President, Duma Boko had ruled that in the interim, the committee that was elected in Gantsi should be allowed to run the affairs of the BMD.

To the UDC ruling Pilane responded with an announcement of his decision to step down.

“I am glad that Boko affirmed that the BMD remains a member of the UDC. That is the most important thing. Had they made any decision that sought to suspend or expel the BMD from the UDC, I would have fought them with everything I have,” said Pilane in a statement and went on to urge BMD carders to accept the decision taken by Botswana Congress Party and Botswana National Front to call for BMD elective congress.

“This will deny them the excuse to continue excluding the BMD from UDC activities.”

He however noted that the effect of the UDC resolution was to remove him from the Presidency of the BMD.

“I am fine with it. I will attend the NWC meeting tomorrow, (Thursday) to say my goodbyes to National Working Committee and leave you so you deliberate.”

By virtue of him reverting to the status of being an ordinary member, Pilane was also not going to the National Executive Committee meeting on Saturday.

“But nothing else will change, Ke teng ga ke ye gope.” (I’m here; I’m not going anywhere) If members felt that they want to deploy me in any role, then I would consider and probably accept. What I cannot do is participate in any decision that the Ghanzi NWC and NEC make as I am conflicted,” he concluded.