Crime survey results

Last year, the Fight Crime in Gaborone group conducted a survey to begin to understand just how bad the crime problem had become. The survey poled residence of Gaborone and surrounding areas.
The results were staggering.
When people were asked if they had been the victims of a crime in the last year 56% answered YES. Beyond that 20% were victims of a violent crime. Those numbers are down right alarming.

Unsurpisingly 53% said they do not feel safe in their homes anymore, and 76% said they feared for the safety of themselves and their famlies. These levels of crime are not only frightening they are
I speak to familes everyday who are seriously consideringrelocating because of the levels of crime. All they areasking is for a safe place to raise their children. Is that somuch to ask?

This week you can help the cause by giving us information. If you have been the victim of a crime in 2011 let your voice be heard. SMS us with your location and the crime that was commited. The more information we have the stronger the cause becomes.

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