Pensioner dragged to court for maintenance

A 69-year-old pensioner was last week dragged before Molepolole Magistrate, Rosemary Khuto, by his 24-year-old ex-girlfriend Nonofo Moatshe for failing to maintain the child.

With the P700.00 paid to Moatshe as a Tirelo Sechaba participant at Lekgwapheng Clinic, she found it difficult to maintain her two-year-old son alone.

The elderly man Ellias Ramusu, who hails from Thamaga, Morepo ward, shocked the court when he claimed he spent about P15 000 in maintaining the child.

Later on, he requested the court to make an order that the money be returned to him producing a paternity test report as his evidence that he is not the biological father of the child.

The results of the DNA profiling analysis identified before court indicated that Ramosu is excluded from being the biological father of the child.

“She harassed me saying she wanted to report the matter before court, I also spent P4 430. 00 paying for the DNA test. If the second DNA test to be done can have similar results that I am not the biological father, I want my P15 000.00 back together with the P4 430. 00,” said Ramusu.

Pensioner dragged to court for maintenance

Moatshe told the court that Ramosu stopped maintaining the child last year October and he never denied impregnating her but only denied being the biological father early this year.

“He slept with me unprotected and promised to maintain the child secretly saying that he does not want to be embarrassed because of his old age,” Moatshe explained.

She further pleaded for another DNA to be conducted as she was not satisfied with the results which she requested for the explanation from the laboratory and claimed no one bothered giving her attention and only concentrated on Ramosu.

Magistrate Khuto, ordered that since there was dispute of paternity, another DNA be conducted and reviewed on the 11th October 2017.

She told Ramosu to make a separate application as he maintained the child out of court.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice, Moatshe said she met the old man in September 2014 when she went to assist her mother at Phuduhudu lands as Ramosu employed her to work at his ploughing field.

The youthful mother from Molepolole’s Lekgwapheng ward, expressed her frustrations that she does not understand how she ended up being in a relationship with an elderly man.

“He told me that he divorced on the 16th June 2014 and he had sex with me without using a condom, by then I missed my period for July. Later on after my mother realised I was pregnant, he never denied that he was the father of my child,” said the concerned Moatshe.

Moatshe noted that she only remembers that Ramosu gave her P3 500.00 to buy the baby’s clothes in December 2014 while she was still pregnant and later on he gave her P500. 00.

Things changed after a certain lady phoned and started insulting her saying she should leave her husband alone.

Moatshe who was adamant that Ramosu is his son’s father says she intends to have another DNA to be conducted by a different laboratory.

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