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Penis pain

Thuto Modiakgotla


Botched circumcision deforms man’s organ

A distraught Maun man who has been left with a dysfunctional penis after a botched surgery has spoken of his misery ahead of Valentine’s Day on Sunday.

Thuto Modiakgotla, 27 was cut last year November at Topisi Primary School during a male circumcision campaign to reduce chances of HIV/AIDS infection.

Since then, Modiakgotla’s shrunken penis has been swollen and raw, which has resulted in difficulty in sitting, urinating and having sex.

Speaking to The Voice in an interview early this week, Modiakgotla said having an erection was his worst nightmare.

“I cannot urinate without pain and discomfort but that pain is nothing compared to the sharp, excruciating and unbearable sensation, which comes with spontaneous erections. Since the bungled operation I haven’t had sex and I don’t even want to think of it.”

The injury, Modiakgotla has explained is so bad that it has adversely affected his relationship with his girlfriend.

“ The woman I have been dating for the past two years has threatened to leave me. We haven’t had sex for the past three months and I suspect my chances of having children have been drastically reduced,” he said.

The distressed man also lamented how the penile injury had robbed him of a chance to become a professional footballer.

“I was about to be signed by Maun Tigers F.C when I decided to go for the circumcision and now I have lived to regret that decision,” he said.

Responding to Modiakgotla’s accusations, Principal registered nurse at Tutume Primary hospital, which performed the operation, absolved the hospital from blame.

Instead, the nurse, Itireleng Lekgalemo blamed Modiakgotla of causing his own injuries by failing to comply with instructions on what to do to recover after circumcision.

“We advised him to take two days off duty to rest after the procedure but Modiakgotla did not comply as he travelled to Maun, which caused complications. All along we were under the impression that he was healing well, then suddenly he brings up these claims. What exactly does he want? We wonder! She said.

Modiakgotla however is clear about what he wants, which is a functional penis through reconstruction surgery outside the country at the ministry of health’s expenses.

“I want a normal penis. I demand that corrective surgery be performed outside the country because I no longer trust local doctors. And if that doesn’t happen soon, we shall meet in court,” he said in parting.