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STAYING PUT: Ofentse Mmipi

The Daniel Nare and the controversial Annual General Meeting saga aside, Lobatse-side, Extension Gunners, seem to be making headway. News reaching Voice Sport is that the Peleng giants have already spent more than P46 000 mainly as signing on fees for their players. A player who has always been a subject of debate every season has surprised many by being the first player to put pen to paper.
Ofentse Mmipi has always been linked to a new club in every transfer period agreed terms with the Gunners management and signed another two year contract. The news that the team skipper was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the Gunners faithful and  brought hope that more senior players would follow suit.
Though the management did not disclose how much money was used as sign-on fees for the players, Voice Sport can reveal that utility player Maano Ditshupo has also signed a new contract with the club.
Ditshupo has been one of the most outstanding players for the club during the past season, a performance that earned him a national call up. His good performance led to other teams with financial muscle inquiring about his services and the announcement of his signing at the club brought a sigh of relief.
The Gunners executive also revealed that winger Kgololo Leteane has put pen to paper and pledged his loyalty to the team. Finki Mothibi is also on the verge of signing while on-loan Monageng Thaele is still negotiating with his club Township Rollers, but also look likely to sign a new contract.
“Mothibi wanted a couple of things in the contract to be changed to his advantage and I’m confident that he would sign tomorrow (Wednesday),” said the Marketing and Publicity Secretary Kitso Dlamini.
The club has also signed Moses Pelaelo from relegated Boteti Young Fighters. However Gunners could not hold on to their impressive lanky defender Emanuel Nlu who has signed for former champions, Ecco City Green. The executive explained that they could not agree to terms with the defender.
The executive appealed to Gunners supporters to rally behind the club and desist from giving inside information about the club to the media. A member of the technical team Mathews Mono said they have no intention of loosing any other player before the start of the season.
“People should realise that it has never been our intention to loose players. If it is not about finances then we only loose players due to indiscipline,” Mono said. He said instead of spending a lot of money every season trying to recruit seasoned players the team would focus on youth development.
“We have a lot of talent in Lobatse and we are going to do all to nurture it for the benefit of our club. The amount of money we spent recruiting new players could be used to improve the lives of players we already have,” he said.  Speaking during the AGM Dlamini said their intent, as the Gunners family is to allow sponsors to get closer to the club.
“We want a kind of relationship that Gaborone United enjoys with ZAC Construction,” he said. Dlamini advised that the sponsors are willing to come but indiscipline within the club is scarring them away.
“The sponsors are reluctant to come, due to our disorderly house. Let us give sponsors the respect they deserve,” charged Dlamini.


  1. God bless u guys am really really happy for your commitment to my beloved team .Is Chicco continueng managing the team ? .Gud luck boys n bring the fore gone happy days to our team beloved team .

  2. good luck my bro. but chicco had to come back, nna le wena we play a better football parternering. by the time chicco a go bona i added a major impact. i think i am the best too.