Pay magadi balance before divorce
DEMANDING: Pona Doctor

•Jilted wife demands P100 000 from mistress

•‘He did not tell me he was married’-Mistress

A distraught woman, Pona Doctor (37) has dragged her soon to be ex-husband’s alleged mistress to court demanding P 100 000 payment to compensate for her wrecked marriage.

Doctor appeared before the Ramotswa customary court pleading with the court to fine the woman for wrecking her 10 year old marriage.

She told the court that she had been married to her estranged husband, Moeti Doctor (45), since October 2007.

She said that she has had three children by him but he has now deserted their home and is now living with the accused, 47-year-old Nthomegang Mooketsi .

Doctor told the courtroom, packed with her relatives and those of the accused, that because her husband told her he wants a divorce, that he should first complete paying her parents the lobola charge before he divorces her after 10 years.

Pay magadi balance before divorce
MISTRESS: Nthomegang Mooketsi

“He should first complete paying the balance he had promised to pay. When we got married 10 years ago he promised that he will pay the balance at a later stage. He was charged 12 cows going at P 1.5 each and he –to date- has paid only P 4 000. I want the balance which accumulates to P 8 000,” Doctor explained.

When breaking down the P 100 000 figure to the court, Doctor said that during their marriage her husband had asked her to buy furniture on credit using her names.

She said that up to now her husband has not paid the furniture shop their balance and that they now torment her with phone calls demanding the balance.

“Other than the credit, he had also convinced me to sell my plot as he said he needed to invest the money somewhere for our family’s survival. I want all of these as compensation as well as our children’s maintenance,” she said.

Pay magadi balance before divorce
IN HAPPIER TIMES: Mr and Mrs Doctor

In defense of his niece, Mooketsi’s uncle told the presiding chief, Kgosi Tsimane Mokgosi, that all they knew as the accused’s family, was that she was now involved with a man but they did not know he was married.

He said that his niece did not even tell him about the court case and was surprised that it was the third time the case had appeared before the courts.

Nthomelang who was reluctant to talk to The Voice about her affair said that Doctor should tell the truth that she was bullying her husband and that it is not her fault that Moeti does not want her anymore.

Reached for comment, a hostile Moeti refused to shed light on the allegations leveled against him.

“I do not know anything about that. When I married her I did not consult papers why should I consult the papers now.”

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