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Pastor in divorce saga

Pastor in divorce saga

Maun pastor blamed for wrecking bishop Wutawunashe’s marriage

Another popular pastor is headed for divorce woes and a Motswana pastor from Maun has been identified as the woman behind the collapse of the marriage.

A well-known elderly Zimbabwean prophet and founder of Family of God Church, Andrew Mutawunashe’s marriage is on the rocks.

Though the accused pastor, Masego Makhao declined to comment on the accusations, sources at the church from both Botswana and Zimbabwe branches said Makhao had long taken over Dr Rutendo Wutawunashe’s matrimonial home.

According to sources, Makhao became very close to the clergyman in 2004 when he took her under his wings to train her as pastor.

“Since then they have been travelling together on international trips leaving the wife behind,” said one of the sources.

Though the sources said they never suspected that it could be more than just brotherly love, they were shocked when the Prophet who officiated at President Robert Mugabe’s inauguration after 2013 elections announced that he was divorcing his wife.

Wutawunashe wrote a letter to his congregation at the beginning of the year saying he had been on separation with his wife for 10 years and that that the union will be officially dissolved.

He also indicated that he intended to remarry ‘sooner rather than later,’ to a woman said to be a congregant.

The Prophet also said those not comfortable with the decision were free to leave his church.

According to Zimbabwean media reports, the divorce has led to another break away following the first split in 2004 where Makhao was also named as one of the trouble causers.

“On March 9 another group left the church and formed their own because of this woman from Botswana. She has brought nothing but trouble in the Lord’s house. She’s not even ashamed of her deeds,” said a senior member from the church.

Besides aspiring to be the next Mrs Wutawunashe, Makhao is also accused of abusing church funds to finance her lavish lifestyle.

She allegedly has access to church funds through Botswana Church Bishop, Seamogetswe Keoleletse who reportedly gives in to her demands as he is afraid of his principal.

Makhao reportedly bought an Audi Q7 recently using church funds, an allegation shot down by Keoleletse.

Pastor in divorce saga
ACCUSED: Pastor Makhao

He said the P600 000 loan taken from Gaborone branch which people might suspect was abused was in fact used to buy a stand to build a church in Francistwon.

“I bought a plot in Block 7 for P550 000 and we want to build the church headquarters there,” said Bishop Keoleletse.

Through the Church Attorney Leonard Molosiwa, he also dismissed the alleged relationship between his pastor and Prophet Wutawunashe saying the talk is the work of mischievous people set out to engineer a split in the church by spreading false and defamatory allegations against the overseer.

“As part of the church leadership worldwide, I am well briefed and aware of the real confidential issues and causes surrounding the separation and end of the Bishop marriage.”

He said it is deliberate, false and malicious fabrication on the part of those peddling the lie that Makhao was in any way instrumental in Wutawunashe’s marriage breakdown.