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Pastor and wife on trial for rape

Pastor and wife on trial for rape
ACCUSED: Morolong


“I’m going to teach you things done by adults!”

These were the chilling words reportedly uttered by City Bible Ministries Worship Centre Pastor, Patrick Morolong moments before he allegedly raped an 11-year-old girl two years ago.

The 41-year-old, who is also the producer of popular Btv programme, Talk Back, is set to appear for trial before Broadhurst Principal Magistrate, Faith Ngandu on August 7.

His wife, Morobi Morolong, 37, is also embroiled in the scandal.

She has been charged with failure to report a case of (suspected) child abuse after neglecting to alert the police despite allegedly being told of the incident by the young complainant.

According to the charge sheet, on Friday the 14th of October 2016 Pastor Morolong had unlawful carnal knowledge of a female minor without her consent at his matrimonial home in Tsolamosese

Details of the incident from sources close to the case are that the victim had called the pastor to collect her from school on the day in question after she lost her transport money.

Upon picking the child up from school, the pastor then drove to his residence in Tsolamosese where he invited the youngster into the house and offered her something to eat.

The pastor is alleged to have ordered the Itumeleng Primary School pupil to take off her jersey as it was too hot and continued to tell her that he was going to ‘show her things that adults do’.

He is said to have taken her to his children’s bedroom where he allegedly undressed and raped her.

He then asked her to pray with him before they went to church in Block 8, court documents have stated

Once at the church, the Pastor insisted that the complainant assist church toddlers with their swimming lessons.

It is alleged that Mrs. Morolong, who was present at the church, was alerted to the incident through a letter written by the young girl.

However, she claims the Pastor’s wife burnt the letter the following morning at their Tsolamosese home, where she says Mrs. Morolong had insisted she spend the night.

The complainant stayed at the Morolong homestead until Sunday after church, allegedly still under the insistence of the Pastors wife despite her mother’s pleas she be sent home.

An Itumeleng Primary School Teacher reported the allegations to the police the following Monday after the complainant confided in her.

The teacher is believed to have been aware that the young student left with the pastor from school on the said Friday.