We are all familiar with the benefits of exercise. From boosting the immune system, improving one’s sex drive, aiding the body to fight illnesses and the overall good feeling one gets from activity.

However with the winter season upon us, many find it challenging to keep the momentum to stay on course with regular exercise.

But for Anne Kuhlmann and Kesegofetse Malete who are fitness fanatics, exercising knows no season as they are dedicated to pushing boundaries and remaining committed to training at all cost.

They sure make one think twice about giving excuses to evade exercise.

Anne Kuhlmann

“My job is my play” says 30 -year -old qualified fitness instructor Anne K. “I breathe fitness and it makes my daily schedule”.

Kuhlmann , who is from Mahalapye manages a local gym branch in Gaborone having acquired her fitness royalties with the internationally recognized Health and Fitness Professional Academy, in Rivonia, Johannesburg.

“My exposure and interaction with exercise science has validated my passion for the field. Training must be memorable to keep clients enthusiastic and eager to maintain a daily/frequent exercise routine”.

Six of her eleven years in training are professional. Kuhlmann has also leant music cues to various training techniques and offers effective yet fun workouts.

She attests that her Arts Degree contributes to her strong communication skills and language fluency that she uses to address business and clients needs.

“As a manager and personal trainer it is essential to consider necessary boundaries and attend to all appropriately. I keep up to date with the latest training techniques to ensure I remain relevant and offer clients the best of what is being followed universally”.

However unlike most trainers who discovered their passion in the early stages of their lives, Kuhlmann had no interest in physical sports.

“I could not run to save my life nor save a ball from hitting my face. I had the interest but lacked the skill hence I ended up doing sports as a school principle and to socialise. I later joined a local gym and is where that I found my sport. I became a marvel at it attending everything from dance aerobics, step, Hi-Lo, kick and Jab, Hip-Hop dance to spinning classes. I loved every moment spent in these adrenaline pumping sessions and could never get enough”.

It is from this dedication that Kuhlmann strived to equip herself with the necessary training to offer her services professionally.

“The beauty of this industry is you can never exhaust the options. It is one field that offers you a variety to choose from based on preference”.

Kuhlmann specializes in several programmes including Advanced Personal Training, Indoor Cycling, Kettle Bell training, Bootcamp and Pre and Postal Natal Training.

I make sure that I add a discipline at least once every two years as training trends are ever changing.

Kesegofetse Malete

During the day, 30 -year -old Kesegofetse Malete is an Attorney at a local firm and outside formal employment she juggles her love for gym and her family.

“Daily exercise is a part of my life and I cannot imagine not starting or ending my day without a dose of it”.

The married mother of two from Palapye recalls her teenage years as a turning point.

“When I was younger I noticed I was slightly bigger than my age mates so I decided to take up exercise as a way of trimming down. I got hooked and never looked back. At the time I was having fun but it later became a movement where I travelled extensively on exercise missions and even won awards/trophies for doing what I loved. I was a keen student and took training seriously.”

During her varsity days, Malete was introduced to the world of professional exercise and credits a local veteran instructor identified as Thoko for inspiring her.


“I was fascinated and approached him with an interest to attain instructor credentials so as to also offer training. I was recognized as a fully fledged aerobics and spinning instructor in 2009. It was a highlight. In the gym room, I am a beast. I expect a 100% output from my class. As a trainer my role entails motivating all and supporting those that are new or coming from an exercise hiatus. Classes are a combination of technique, fun and challenging.

One is bound to get slightly uncomfortable but it means something is happening and the more one keeps at it the easier and better it gets.

Both Kuhlmann and Malete reiterate the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle of a balanced diet and activity.

They say exercise is not restricted to attending gym sessions with an instructor but rather an active role in all one does.

From household chores, playing with the kids, walking the dog and even walking to school or work.

Moving about is important and when mindfully done, one will start to notice great benefits such as breathing better, glowing skin, positive outlook, a spring in one’s walk leading to a happier “you”.

“Who doesn’t want to look and feel great,” stresses the fit and beautiful trainers.

They agree that winter training is hard for most people but offers great results when followed.

“One can get the most out of it as it is not too hot, Malete chirps in. As temperatures drop, most people opt for rich foods and opt to stay indoors curled up in blankets watching television. It is during this period that most weight is gained. Simple adjustments to ones diet and dedicated exercise can help keep one on track and shed unwanted kilos”.

Packing up on vegetables and fruits, opting for soup and good carbohydrates will keep one warm and healthy.

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